MOVIE REVIEW – Just Go With It

Adam Sandler has done it again! He’s made a fun movie that leaves you with a warm feeling inside.

Just Go With It (PG-13), is a movie about a plastic surgeon (Sandler), who uses his fake wedding ring to “hook-up” with women, without commitment. His plan has been fine until he meets a blonde school teacher (who is much younger than him), played by Sports Illustrated SwimSuit Model Brooklyn Decker. When she thinks he’s married, she wants nothing to do with him. Let the lying begin! Jennifer Aniston plays Sandler’s assistant who is a single mom, and decides to help him out of his unusual situation. Eventually her kids get involved, throw in Sandler’s off the wall cousin (played by Nick Swordson), put them all in Hawaii for the weekend, and you have all the pieces in place for an enjoyable romantic comedy.

Even if  you go into the movie thinking you know how it will eventually end, the trip getting there is well worth it.  A very basic story with not a lot of twists and turns, but, is peppered with a lot of legitimate laughs. (Watch for the “Shee-P-R” and water-wing tan). Dave Matthews, and Nicole Kidman make appearances as well as Dan Patrick.  Jennifer Aniston is great in the film, she and Sandler mesh well. Aniston and Decker are very easy on the eyes (for the guys), it’s a romantic comedy (for the women) basically it has a little bit for everyone, which make it worth seeing at the first run theatres, second run theatres, rental, or pay-per-view. It’s good fun, and worth the money.

If you liked 50 First Dates, and Big Daddy you’ll enjoy Just Go With It.

Jeff Miller

3 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW – Just Go With It

  1. Thanks for the review just seeing the previews it look like it could be fun, but hearing it from someone who actually saw it ,that even better!!!!

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