My travels this week took me to Thumbs Up Pub located at 6000 W. Mitchell St. West Allis, WI (414-546-1040), where I filled in on a darts for my team. 

Thumbs Up Pub was founded in 1976 by husband and wife team Dick and Donna, and has been a staple in the West Allis community ever since. This true gem of a watering hole is not to be missed if you are looking for a night out, and you’re in the area.  “Thumbs” is a medium size bar, with a “current” juke box, several dart boards, a few flat screen t.v.s and  the scent of freshly popped popcorn in the air.

Any bar, in any city can tap beer, mix drinks, and open bottles, but, what Dick and Donna have done, is compile an extensive exotic drink and shot menu.  Some of the shots colorfully listed behind the bar on chalkboard are the Swedish Fish (garnished with a swedish fish gummy candy), Scooby Snack, Chocolate Cake, and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (that by the way is so good that I swear you can taste the crust!), there are more, you’ll just ave to check it out for yourself.

As far as the speciality drinks also colorfully displayed, there’s the watermelon Cooler, Bomb Pop, Dragon Berry Limeade, and Pineapple Upside-down Cake, to name just a few.

The atmosphere is quite relaxed, unless of course you happen in on a league dart night, it may be a little louder, but nothing off the wall, and still a fun place to hang out, have a drink or two, and shed the trials and tribulations of the day or week.

Thumbs Up Pub, get two thumbs up!

 Jeff Miller

One thought on “THUMBS UP PUB

  1. Sounds like a sweet place to go. As long as I have been a native to the city of Milwaukee and of age to drink, I have never stepped into Thumbs up… I’ve driven by a few times and I know exactly where it is. I think I will have to drop in know, especially since they have oodles of fun shots! Thanks Jeff!

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