Let me make “The Dilemma” NOT a dilemma. This movie was flat and not funny, I may have laughed once or twice, but, nothing memorable. The story was weak, I just wanted to leave, but I already sunk $9 into it so I figured I might as well stick it out.

In this “comedy” directed by (little Opie Taylor) Ron Howard, Vince Vaughn plays a character who unwittingly spots his best friend’s (Kevin James) wife (Winona Ryder) cheating on their marriage. Hence the dilemma.   What should he do? Should he tell his friend, or not? Extremely thin premise, the movie should’ve been over in ten minutes! Tell your friend, if he’s mad at you too bad, then he wasn’t your friend in the first place. It seemed like Ronnie mailed this one in.

Queen Latifah, has an extremely small role as an executive at Chrysler, it’s an unusual part and I know why it was in there, basically for shock humour, but, it just came across weird and didn’t really work.

All in all, do NOT waste any hard-earned dollars to see this BOMB in the theatres, wait for Red Box, even then wait till you find the spare change between the seat cushions to rent it, and make sure there is enough beer in the fridge, to dull the pain.

Jeff Miller

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